We’re extremely happy to announce that now you can create color-coded tags for todos in projects.

Think of tags as... a categorizer. They are perfect for categorizing different types of todo or roles. This makes our todo boards incredibly flexible to handle a whole bunch of new scenarios:

  • Tracking the severity of bugs in a bug tracker (Urgent Bug or Low Priority)
  • Different types of products/services within the same Sales CRM project (App, Website, Branding, etc.)
  • Different open positions in your recruitment pipeline (Developer, Designer, etc.)
  • Different types of social media posts in your marketing projects (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

And more :)

Example of Tags being used for Recruitment in Bloo

Your imagination is the limit with tags, as we support an unlimited number of tags per project, each can be color-coded with 16 different colors, and these colors are then also reflected in the Calendar View, which makes it double useful!

You can also filter both the Board and Calendar View by tag with just one click. If you need a more focused view of what’s happening in a project, you can now have it. 😎

Learn more about Tags in Bloo Guide!