Being detail-oriented is one of the most desired qualities everywhere. In fact, "attention to detail" is a personal trait that Inc. named as 'indispensable'.

"Every business needs people who are conceptual and "big picture," but if this isn't balanced with people who pay the appropriate level of attention to detail, they may be setting themselves up for disaster." Inc. Article

Sometimes your todo comes with sub-todos to complete.

For example, a todo "Prepare test brief for marketing copywriter position" might need you to "Research the job requirements" or "Pull out a real job scenario". A todo "Write a blog post on work culture" could consist of a process of "Research on similar articles", "Read books related to the topic", "Write a draft", etc.

In order to aid your attention to detail when it comes to todos, Bloo has added Checklists inside each Todo so there is space given to important details. What's great is that you can check it off along the way and feel the satisfaction of crossing items off a list. 🥳