I think one of the key problems that keeping coming up when running a growing business is making sure that everyone is aware of what's going on, but not confusing the hell out of everyone by flooding them with information!

Setting a Company HQ on Bloo is a great to solve that problem! Each tool can be used to give some self-serve information, and also update the team on recent goings on.

  • Updates - Ask your team to post a status update daily or weekly to keep everyone else informed of what they're up to. This means less distractions during the time you're actually trying to get work done, as your colleagues don't need to tap you on the shoulder to find out how you're doing with that particular task.
  • Discussion - These can be used to gather feedback from all your team, and also to post announcements such as upcoming holiday days, new joiners, and so on.
  • Boards - Use these to share other key information that's important to your team. For instance, if you're a service company, you might want to have one todo for each of your projects and the status of each project, so everyone has a bird's eye view.
  • People - Because you'll have everyone in your company in this one project, this actually servers as a directory! Everyone can see a list of who's in the project, their name, their job title, and their email address.