With their company headquartered in South Africa and CEO residing in Australia, Kreatif Kouki has been an agency that embraces remote work. This creative agency was established in early 2010 and now serving more than 30 high-profile clients from different countries with a team of 12 people. Kreatif Kouki has diversified their range of services from building brands and corporate identities to designing website and apps, and many more. They have achieved fantastic results from following certain core principles such as attention to detail and quality work, earning them trust and credibility from clients.

One Client, One Project.

Having team members and clients spread around the world, Kreatif Kouki needs a tool that allows them to work together collaboratively. In Bloo, they can effectively organize their workflow by creating one project per client and giving each team member accountability over a project. Members from client's company are also added into the project to allow visibility over the progress of their work.

"We didn't give our clients a tutorial on Bloo, but they found their way around and often said Bloo was easy to use, and they feel they are on top of things when added into a project." - Louis, CEO.

Therefore, instead of having conversations scattered around in multiple channels, in Bloo, they have a space for collaboration in one project, granting their clients accessibility to providing timely feedback and input.

Managing New Leads.

From passing the credibility assessment to sending clients proposals for serviced jobs, an agency goes through a great deal of work to manage new leads. Kreatif Kouki has created a project in Bloo to make sure they never miss out an important process in retaining new clients.

Managing Administrative Tasks.

Little important things like remembering complex passwords for team email or changing the air conditioning filters take a lot of mental space, so Kreatif Kouki created a project for all administrative tasks they have in the main office. They keep processes of invoicing, passwords for accounts shared to top management, and ideas for office improvements or innovations in one project so the basic needs are not forgotten.

Having switched from Trello to Bloo just a couple of months ago, Kreatif Kouki has really thought Bloo to be convenient in a lot of ways. Aside from the costs saved, Bloo provides unlimited everything wherein other tools charge per user or limit to certain storage capacity. Moving forward, they plan to slowly integrate all files to Bloo storage and use it as one place for work and collaboration to happen.