When you're actively recruiting, this tends to create a lot of data! If you have to remember the interview dates, and also all the documents that you've received from each candidate such as their CV, their cover letter, and potentially any portfolio or additional references from third parties. Of course, you'll also want to keep track of any notes from interviews that the candidates has had with your team.

This can quickly turn into chaos if it's not managed properly, and this means frustration for both the candidates and your team.

There's an easy way to manage your recruitment pipeline in Bloo, and that's by using your todo and boards feature.

As usual, it's super simple set up!

  1. Set up a dedicated recruitment project and invite anyone who's involved in the recruitment process or who meets with any candidates. If you're a large organization (500+ people) you may want to create multiple recruitment projects, one for each department.
  2. You will be creating one todo for each candidate, and using the description feature to keep important information and documents (such as CVs and cover letters) for everyone to see, and using the comments feature to add any additional information as the candidate goes through your hiring process.
  3. Finally, you'll need to create your process using one column on the boards section of the project, and move the candidates from left to right as they advance through the process.

Recruitment Process Best-Practices.

Below is a suggested recruitment process that seems to work really well for many of our clients. Of course, you may need to change this up a little to fit the particulars of your company.

  • Potentials - This is anyone who emails your organization at your recruitment email or contacts us in any other way. In the future, we want to enable the recruitment email to directly pipe into this column, so that all emails create new tasks.
  • Contacted - Someone has reached back to the candidate for potentially more information and to schedule the interview.
  • Interview(s) - These candidates have had their interview(s), and interview notes are posted as a comment for all to check.
  • Test Brief - The candidate is completing a test brief to check capabilities. Once we receive it back, it is posted up on the todo as a comment.  
  • Reference Check - This means that the hiring manager is currently contacting the references provided (or any other references that we may have). Responses from references are then posted up a comment.
  • Offer Letter - An offer letter with a salary and start date has been sent, waiting for the candidate to confirm.
  • Hired - The candidate has confirmed the offer letter and signed a contract. Both files are uploaded here as comments.
  • Declined - The candidate did not pass one of the previous steps and is moved to this column.
  • For Future Reference - This is a column for candidates that perhaps are not available right now or can be considered for future positions.

We hope that this helps you in your journey to finding the perfect new team members!

If you have any questions, just shoot us an email at help@bloo.io and we'll get back to you right away! 😁