One key factor in making sure a project is delivered on time and to expectations is holding each team member accountable to their responsibilities and also tracking any changes to key deliverables so you know why a particular item missed expectations.

Today, we’re announcing a feature that helps everyone stay more accountable, and gives project teams the ability to see exactly what happened to any todo in any project.

Introducing Todo History, which logs all changes made to a todo with an unchangeable time stamp, which gives you the exact truth of what happened during the progress of that todo.

We track the following:

  • Todo Name Changes
  • Todo Description Updates
  • When a todo is moved between columns
  • Due Date Changes
  • Assignee Changes
  • Tag Changes

This gives you a precise history of everything that’s happened and who did what within a todo, so that everyone is held accountable for their responsibilities, and that greater transparency in promoted across your entire team.

We hope this makes using Bloo more enjoyable and effective, and happy collaboration!